Y.T SILKS – Silk Crinkel Georgette

Silk Crinkle Georgette has several advantages:

Lightweight and Breathable: Silk Crinkle Georgette is a light, flowy fabric that is fairly breathable.

Crinkled Texture: This fabric is known for its signature crinkled appearance, which is a result of the tightly twisted yarns used in the weave.

Sheer and Translucent: Silk Crinkle Georgette is a sheer, translucent fabric, though it is slightly less sheer than its sister fabric, chiffon.

Nice Drape: This fabric has a nice structure and drape, particularly for dresses and skirts.

Robust Structure: Despite being made of silk and fine thread, Silk Crinkle Georgette maintains a more robust structure than other silk fabrics.

Matte Sheen: Silk Crinkle Georgette has a sleek, flat, matte sheen.

These characteristics make Silk Crinkle Georgette a popular choice for high fashion, particularly in evening and bridal wear.

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