Y.T SILKS – Cupro Fabric for Apparel

Cupro fabric, derived from cotton linter waste, has several advantages:

Sustainability: Cupro is a byproduct of the cotton industry and is considered a sustainable material because it’s made from cotton waste. It’s also fully biodegradable.

Comfort: Cupro is very soft, comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and moisture absorbent. It’s often used as a replacement for silk due to its similar feel.

Durability: Cupro is durable and long-lasting. It’s also less likely to wrinkle than other fabrics.

Aesthetics: Cupro has a luxurious look and drapes elegantly. It’s often used in fine garments, shawls, evening wear, lingerie, blouses, summer dresses, and other light and form-fitting clothing.

Heat and Light Resistance: Cupro has a high heat and light resistance.

However, it’s important to note that while cupro is marketed as sustainable, the production process involves large quantities of copper, ammonia, and caustic soda, all three of which can be toxic when they aren’t disposed of properly.

Therefore, the sustainability of cupro can depend on whether it’s created using a closed-loop system.

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